Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 spring/summer line

so.... i was asked by NUMEROUS people to please come up with a spring/summer line.  i contemplated this to no end since i do have a "real" job and i can only do this fun stuff in my down time!  however, in the end, i decided to go for it!!  i have posted all the new styles and fabrics for spring/summer on the tab... put a lil SPRING into it!  and, sorry in advance for the poor photo quality.... i am in no way a photographer!  all the styles are done in the fabrics they come in - some styles can be mixed up - please ask before you order.  also, i promise i am not discriminating against you gals that have little men in your life!  i just did not have time to come up with designs for boys; however, i can still do jon-jon's, applique tees and shorts - just ask.  i hope you LOVE everything as much as i do!

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